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The impact of occupation-related musculoskeletal disorders on dental hygienists

Vol 50, No 2

(February–May 2023)

Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene (CJDH)

Welcome to the online home of the Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene! This dedicated website offers our global audience easy access to all articles published since 2005, as well as to general information about the journal, its policies, and its manuscript submission procedures.

The Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene (CJDH), established in 1966, is the peer-reviewed research journal of the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association. Published online in February, June, and October, CJDH welcomes submissions in English and French on topics of relevance to dental hygiene practice, education, policy, and theory.

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Current Issue

2023 - Volume 57

February (Vol. 57 No. 1)

Original Research
Literature Reviews
Short Communication


Great beginnings for 2023! New Ontario bachelor’s degree program in dental hygiene

Salme E Lavigne, PhD, RDH; Joanna Asadoorian, PhD, RDH | Can J Dent Hyg 2023;57(1): 3-5

Original Research

Effect of supragingival air polishing on subgingival periodontitis microbiota

Thomas E Rams, DDS, MHS, PhD; Jørgen Slots, DDS, MS, PhD, DMD, MBA | Can J Dent Hyg 2023;57(1): 7-13

Motivating influences and career outcomes of baccalaureate-educated dental hygienists: a pan-Canadian study

Leigha D Rock, PhD, RDH; Sharon M Compton, PhD, RDH; Laura L MacDonald, PhD, RDH; Zul Kanji, EdD, DHP(C) | Can J Dent Hyg 2023;57(1): 14-24

In vitro controlled elemental analysis to evaluate the combined effect of acidulated phosphate fluoride with Er:YAG and diode lasers

Nihal S Amer; Abo El-Yazeed M; Ahmed Abbas Zaky; El-Sayed Abdullah El- Tayeb; Dina M Hassouna | Can J Dent Hyg 2023;57(1): 25-32

Literature Reviews

The impact of culture on new Asian immigrants’ access to oral health care: a scoping review

Heather Doucette, DipDH, BSc, MEd; Sijie Yang, BSc, BDH; Miriam Spina, BDH | Can J Dent Hyg 2023;57(1): 33-43

Periodontal disease and COVID-19: Prognosis and potential pathways of association in their pathogenesis

Dalys Ariana Carmona Loayza, BDS; Milton Fabricio Lafebre, DDS, MSc | Can J Dent Hyg 2023;57(1): 44-51

Potential mechanisms between periodontitis and Alzheimer’s disease: a scoping review

Abrielle K Lamphere, RDH, MS; Valerie K Nieto, RDH, MS; Jessica R Kiser, RDH, EdD; Chris B Haddlesey, BA | Can J Dent Hyg 2023;57(1): 52-60

Short Communication

A case study on myofunctional therapy and malocclusions created by oral habits

Seema A Virji, BSc, RDH, COM®; Enoch T Ng, DDS; Santhosh Jayachandran, BMedSc, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C); Tammarie C Heit, DDS, MICCMO | Can J Dent Hyg 2023;57(1): 61-68